St. Paul is continuing to gather joyfully, grow spiritually, and go faithfully during this transition between senior pastors. Gathering around God’s Word during transition will bring into focus who we are today and help define our future direction.


Beginning September 1 we will embark on a 31-week journey of growth through The Story Church Campaign. This campaign is designed to link God’s story to our personal story, has a broad scope by including the whole Bible, and depth in scope by engaging all ages simultaneously. This Bible-driven (not theme-driven) campaign addresses biblical literacy issues and grows faith through study. The Story Bible is written as one chronological story.


There are multiple resources that allow us to customize the campaign for adults, youth, children, small groups, worship, and sermons. Formats include books, DVDs, and on-line resources.


During the 2019-2020 Education Hour, the Sunday School and Confirmation classes will follow The Story chapters with curriculum that is designed for their age.  Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Confirmation will not experience a gap in curriculum. The 2020-21 classes will have a minor adjustment in focus to cover stewardship and catechism. Post-confirmation and adult classes will also be offered.


There are 31 Chapters in The Story and we plan to focus on one chapter each week, finishing the study on Sunday, May 10, 2020.


Instead of registration fees, we are asking families to purchase age-appropriate Bibles that align with The Story congregational-wide Bible study. Registration and book order forms are available under the Sign Up tab above.


If you want to purchase the Bible or materials through church, registration forms are found online or through the Mobile app. These forms are due August 15.  You are welcome to purchase “The Story” Bible directly, we only ask that you have it for the start of class on September 1.  If cost is a concern, please let Linda Tipler or Pastor Sandra know.  No one will be left without a Bible.


It is suggested that each household purchase at least one adult Bible to facilitate this nine-month journey through The Story.


Contact the church office at 920-725-3961 with any questions. Like a summer family vacation that we look forward to and is often full of unexpected adventures, opportunities to learn and grow relationships, we look forward to joining you on this journey!

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