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All are welcome at St. Paul Lutheran Church!  God has made you and still sustains you; God loves you; God wants what is best for you – and thus invites you to be part of a faith community, so that you may be supported and encouraged in your life journey.  You cannot be a solo Christian.

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  This congregation was founded in 1912 as the first Lutheran church in Neenah to offer services in the English language.  We have been a presence on Doty Island and throughout the surrounding communities ever since.  The sanctuary dates back to 1916.  We combine an appreciation of our history with a youthful, innovative outlook.

So, even though we are now in our second century of existence, St. Paul is a lively and vital congregation!  Our very reason for being is shaped by the three parts of our Mission Statement:

            GATHER JOYFULLY.  Sunday after Sunday, and at many special services throughout the year, we come together to praise the Lord.  St. Paul is known throughout the area for the beauty of our sanctuary; the quality of our music; the inspiration of our message.  Join us!  We’d love to get better acquainted!

            GROW SPIRITUALLY.  Because no one ever “graduates” as a Christian, we are constantly learning and deepening our faith and understanding of scripture. By the power of the Spirit, lives are being transformed in this place.  Come and see for yourself!

            GO FAITHFULLY.  SHARING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST.  St. Paul is named after the greatest missionary of all time; moreover, the “E” in ELCA reminds us that we are called to be messengers of the Gospel. So, it is our duty and delight to spread the Good Word. 

There is no greater news in all the world than this – that we are forgiven and reconciled to God, who claims us as beloved children. Behold, God is making all things new!  Please give yourself the opportunity to discover the peace and joy that comes only through life in Christ!

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