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* Note: Our nursery is back open following COVID. But we continue to clean and sterilize after each use. So, if you use anything while your child is in the nursery, please DO NOT put it away, but leave it out so our staff knows it has been used and can perform proper cleaning and sterilization of those items. 

St. Paul Lutheran Church welcomes you to our nursery ministry! Our mission is "to enable parents to strengthen their faith walk with Christ by providing a safe, loving, nurturing, Christ-centered environment for infants and toddlers and planting seeds of faith and love of Jesus in children."


Your child is important to us and we want to ensure that you are provided with loving and caring staff and volunteers and a clean and comfortable environment. We are pleased to welcome Jamaica Festge to our staff. Jamaica leads our nursery volunteers and will be in the nursery weekly, offering your child a consistent, welcoming environment. Read on to find out more about our nursery!


When your child visits our nursery, we ask that you bring a diaper, wipes, fresh water, a complete change of clothes, and a plastic bag for soiled clothes. Remember to label appropriate items with your child's name. While your child is in the nursery we will be happy to give them a bottle provided from home. Cheerios will be given, with your consent, to children over six months old. We are not able to give your child any other type of solid food or administer any medication.


We want to provide not only a wonderful place for your child to spend time during the church service, but also a place that is safe. To ensure safety for all the children in the nursery, we ask that all parents sign in on the attendance sheet. Please note any special instructions and your location in the church. Should we need to reach you, we will contact you immediately.


You will receive a numbered tag when you leave your child in the nursery. This tag will be required as an exchange for your child when he or she is picked up after the service is over. Please send only one adult (16 years or older) to pick up your child. Remember, it is important to pick your child up promptly after the service.


Your child's health is also very important to us. To maintain the cleanest environment, all nursery toys and equipment are sanitized weekly. Please follow the guidelines below when deciding if you should bring your child to the nursery:


 ~ No fever for the last 24 hours (above 101F)

 ~ No runny nose (unless fluid is clean and child is teething or has allergies)

 ~ No diarrhea or flu symptoms

 ~ No colds or coughs

 ~ No active chicken pox, pink eye, measles, etc.

 ~ No unusual rashes


If your child becomes ill while in our care, you will be notified promptly to pick up your child. If your child is being treated with an antibiotic, they should have received treatment for at least 24 full hours before coming to the nursery.


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to serve in the nursery, please contact Tamie O'Dell.


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