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Faith Formation time is virtual. Watch the session on Facebook or YouTube anytime after 10:30AM Sunday morning!!

Welcome to Confirmation 2021!

The St. Paul Lutheran Church confirmation process continues to be time for youth to affirm their personal connection to their baptismal promises by growing a deeper understanding of what Christian living looks like and practicing different tools for Christian living in a safe environment.  Each year, the process is reviewed and revised to meet this goal.


One major change this year is a mandatory Confirmation Retreat held monthly and led by Pastor Amy Engebose. These lessons will introduce a specific topic focusing on the Small Catechism by Marin Luther.  Confirmation Classes will meet during Faith Formation time each Sunday from 10:30-11:00 AM. in the Multi-Purpose room downstairs and led by a lay member of St. Paul church.  These lessons will focus on life application of the month’s topic or, on Generations In Faith Together (GIFT) Sundays, 2022 ELCA Youth Gathering themes.

Confirmation process details can be found by clicking on the "Confirmation Overview" button below.  The guidelines shared in this document are in place to prepare youth for their Affirmation of Baptism and Rite of Confirmation.  We expect students to wrestle with their faith beliefs, ask tough questions and explore their thinking to find answers.


There is no deadline or age limit for confirmation!  Youth are confirmed when they understand, agree with the beliefs of Christian living, and are ready to take the next step in their faith journey.  Due to disrupted confirmation instruction during the 2020-2021 class year, the 4th Year Confirmation Students will receive continued instruction this year.  Those who are ready, will be Confirmed in the fall of 2022.

Welcome to class!  We look forward to helping you grow spiritually.

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