Welcome to Confirmation 2020!

Last year, we dove into “The Story” curriculum and discovered how God’s story has not ended and how we are an active part of this story today.  There is a mighty sense of peace that comes from the fact that even COVID-19 can’t change what we discovered together through the 31-week journey we embarked upon a year ago.

What will be our focus this year?  In today’s environment, we decided to temporarily move away from catechism (structured lessons) and focus on building an environment where God is recognized among us: at home, at church, and in the community.  Recognizing God’s presence in our day is the first step, sharing these stories is the next.  God calls us to be his witnesses and sharing our stories is a way to do this.  Both the storyteller and the listener are blessed.

How?  Our focus will be on short (not an hour long), quality vs. quantity (not weekly) Zoom gatherings that focus on relationships (not catechism and curriculum lessons).  This intentional gathering, planned once a month for Sunday School and Confirmation, will be a time for St. Paul’s congregation to focus on meeting our children and youth where they are now, share highs and lows of their day and stories of when “God showed up”.

What happens when St. Paul moves to Phase 2 of the COVID-19 plan?  At this point, we are planning for on-line lessons to continue.  The possibility of a monthly cross-generational lesson, Gathering In Faith Together (GIFT) Faith Formation time, is very likely.  Individual classroom instruction would not commence until Phase 3 and teachers are identified.