St. Paul Lutheran Church, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, was founded in 1912 as the first Lutheran church in Neenah to offer services in the English language. We has been conducting services at our present location since 1916!


We were recently taking a look back to the year 2015, amazed at the stories and symbols that pointed us to places where we saw God in our midst. We saw God in the deep red of First Communion wine and in the orange t-shirts of our youth serving at the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit. We saw God in the warm, golden yellow dinner rolls delivered to Meal Ministry recipeints and in the green sprouts of our Community Garden plot. We saw God in the blue sky over gravesides where our saints were laid to rest, and in the purple smudges and stains on fingers and hands from creating all manner of art in the Fellowship Hall. 


We rejoiced in each life shared, each chance taken, and each lesson learned. We were grateful for each volunteer recruited, each program executed, and each dollar spent. 


And now we look forward to a new year filled with more sharing, risking, and learning, as we live out our call to gather joyfully, grow spiritually, and go faithfully, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ!